Adios Cabello Drama! Get Gorgeous Hair Fast

If your mornings are a race against how long it takes for your kids to eat breakfast, actually styling your hair is likely an anomaly. Ditch the ponytail and follow these simple tricks to get gorgeous hair -- in no time.

Time-Saving Products

The right products will give you desired results that last longer. “The best tip to speed up your morning routine is to towel dry hair and apply Argan oil,” says Lizette Green, owner of Salon Essence in Coral Springs, Fla. The oil will tame frizz and restore shine even before your blow-dry.

A good leave-in conditioner is also a must for gorgeous hair in no time, and can save you even more time in the shower. Leave-in conditioners keep hair moisturized long after it’s applied, and doubles as a heat damage protectant. “For finer hair, use a spray leave-in; for thicker hair a creamy leave-in,” says Green.

Lastly, apply a protein or moisture treatment at night, twice a month. “These are like medicine for hair. They nourish and restore hair’s health and any damage caused from heat elements,” says Green. Use protein for fine hair, and moisture for thick hair. The result? Less time spent managing bad hair days.

Easy Blow-Dry

If you can squeeze in a blow-dry, follow Green’s technique for a time-saving technique that will last for days: After letting hair first top dry, wrapped in a microfiber towel, section hair in three sections. Blow-dry from the bottom section to the top. “Sectioning gives you a quicker finish because you target direct areas more efficiently,” says Green.

Bonus Quick Tricks

  • Eliminate time spent detangling by combing hair in the shower with conditioner before rinsing.

  • After shampooing, use a wet brush for the best way to detangle hair without pulling it, suggests Green.

  • Skip the curling iron and sleep in loose braids for an effortless beachy wave.