Lasting Summer Maquillaje

Do you laboriously apply your makeup in the morning, only to find it in disarray shortly after you leave the house? Do you feel like you’re constantly reapplying and touching up? Here are some makeup tricks to keep your face looking fresh all day long:

Prep your face: Wash off all of the dirt and oil from your face before you begin applying. Then, use a light moisturizer to hydrate without excess grease. Using a good primer is the trick to having makeup that stays throughout the whole day.

Choose the right makeup: Look for “long-wear” products for your face, lips and eyes. Start with a quality matte foundation. Let it set with a translucent powder on top. “Long-wear” is especially important for lip products and glosses. For your eyes, start with an eye-specific primer on the lids before applying a powder, and keep in mind that liquid eyeliner will outlast a pencil. Waterproof mascara is the best choice for lashes.

Hands Off: Take your time and apply your makeup carefully in the morning. Throughout the day, keep your hands away from your face to avoid smearing or smudging. Wear your hair up more often to prevent loose hair from brushing up against your skin. During the summer months, it is also a good idea to wear less makeup because sweating is inevitable.