The Handbag Switch Up

Since switching handbags is an inevitable part of every season (or month!), it is easy to leave behind contents that may be hidden in a forgotten pocket or in the depths of your current bag. Follow these helpful tips to avoid forgetting any essential belongings:

Switch the night before: If possible, make the switch the night before to ensure that you have plenty of time to move all of the contents you will need into the new bag.

Clear everything out at once: Take everything out of your first bag and go through it to decide which items you’ll need in the new one and which items you won’t. This will also help prevent clutter in the new bag.

Make a checklist of must-haves: Keep a checklist hanging somewhere convenient so that you can mentally check off the items you need when you’re leaving the house.

Use the small pockets: Keep the essentials -- keys, wallet, ID cards -- in the small pockets of your bags so when you have to make a quick switch, you can just be sure to transfer the contents from one small pocket to another. 

by Erin Keene