How to Pull Off a Last-Minute-Time-Off Request

Things come up. Whether it’s a concert or tickets to a fútbol match, sometimes you just need to take the day off at the last minute. Make your absence a smooth one with these steps:

Let the right people know: Even if it is late, just make sure that anyone you work with directly on a daily basis finds out before they receive your out-of-office email or arrive at your desk to find it empty. This way, they can readjust their plan for the day accordingly to continue any work you were doing with them.

Stick with the facts: Just because you feel a little guilty about requesting the time off, doesn’t mean that you have to share details about your plan. Instead, stick to the logistics: who will cover your post in your absence, and the amount of time you will be away.

Get someone to fill in: If there are deadlines to hit or meetings to make while you are out, find someone to cover for you. That way you will have notes to come back to and nothing will be overdue when you return.

Don’t procrastinate: This is an everyday strategy that will make you more available overall. If you stay ahead of your work as much as possible, this will free you up to take a day off last minute, or even take on an extra project if one pops up.