No Gym Necessary: At Home Workouts

Before spending money on a gym membership, consider ejercicios that can be done from la casita. When combined with 30 minutes of cardio -- a short jog or a brisk walk -- three to four times per week, these moves will help to keep you healthy.

Legs: Squats are simple exercises that pack a lot of punch if they are done properly. This is because they engage every muscle in the legs. Place your hands behind your head or straight out in front of your body and do five sets of 10 reps with a brief rest between each.

Arms: Dips are a strength-training exercise for your triceps that can be done on your coffee table or even a chair. Sit up straight with hands resting on each side of your hips. Straighten your legs and use your arms to slowly lower your body. At least three times a week, perform three sets of 12 dips with a brief rest between each set.

Abs: Planks are a versatile and effective way to work your core. Begin in a push-up position and slowly lower onto your forearms, keeping your back and legs straight. Flex your abdominals and your glutes and hold for four sets of 30 seconds. As this exercise becomes more comfortable, increase your sets to one minute each.

Glutes: Lunges are a great exercise for firming up those glutes. Stand straight with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Step forward with your right leg and bend both knees at the same time, trying to form a 90-degree angle with each. Be sure that your right knee does not go over your toe line. Alternate legs, and count one rep as two lunges -- one on each leg. Repeat for three sets of 10 reps.