Career Change: The Right Profesión for You

You’ve made the decision to make a career change. So now what? It’s important to know where your interests lean when finding a job, says Boni Candelario, Career Strategy and Empowerment Life Coach and founder of Coach’m Up. “The biggest mistake, and a guaranteed path to unhappiness, is only focusing on the financial aspect of a position,” she says. Once you feel fulfilled personally, you can focus on increasing your income.

How to Begin a Career Change

Candelario suggests utilizing tools like The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to help with your career change by assessing your interests. Answer questions like ‘do you like jobs with heavy interpersonal contact, or do you prefer to work alone?’ Take that information and research those industries and jobs that are in line with your interests and work style.

Descúbrete Who You Are

Observe yourself during a typical workday to find out who you are as an employee, says Candelario. Write down which activities energize and which drain you for clues to your ideal work style and career enjoyment. Also, pay attention to what time of day is you’re most productive. If you are a night owl, for example, a day shift job may feel exhausting, so think about finding a job with a night shift.

“Fulfillment stems from doing work that is meaningful,” says Candelario. Ask yourself if there is a cause that is important to you or a demographic you want to serve. “Feeling that your work is making a difference and that you play an important role will put you on the path to fulfillment.”

Get Informed

A bachelor’s degree is becoming more common and expected. However, there are positions for which it still isn’t a requirement. Want to channel your inner tech-geek? A recent study found half of all high-tech positions are held by employees without a bachelor’s degree. Top careers without a college degree include registered nurse, real estate broker, veterinary technologist and dental hygienist.

No matter the career change you make, the most important personal factor in finding a job is finding on that makes you happy and leaves you fulfilled.